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Mobile apps for lawyers in 2017

While we owe smartphones a debt of gratitude for familiarizing people together with the epic, ongoing avian/swine battle (now with the Easter edition!), you'll find also a myriad of applications that will increase productivity and effectiveness for lawyers. Taking a break from our conventional blogroll, in this week`s Sociable Attorney Round-Up, we give you-our best 10 smart-phone applications for the legal profession. Whether you`re an L1 student or experienced attorney, chances are that you`re rocking an iPhone (fingers crossed for iPhone 5) or you pledge allegiance to the Android military. Useful lawyer cell applications for these phones array from applications that protect legal reference materials to document management suites to basic applications that act as a clock to monitor your billable hrs. When improved with relevant and powerful cell apps, you can use your phone that is smart to untether your self from your real world desk. Now you can work anywhere, the bus, the beach, waiting in line at the DMV"¦the options are endless! Needless to say, just because you can doesn`t suggest you should"¦but that`s another subject completely. You`ll discover a blend of iOS and Android based cell apps under, complete with a brief review as well as their respective Market hyperlink for downloading. Have an authorized app that you couldn`t live without? Tweet at us (@sociablelawyer) on that smart-phone of yours and let us know!
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Google Reader

Price: Free, System: Android, Requires: Android model 1.6 and up, Obtain Link: Android Market Your mobile system was personalized for by an RSS reader, Google Reader aggregates the feeds from your own favorite websites into one mobile app that is hassle-free. Of Above the Law blog, reader? Big on Big Lawful Mind, possibly? Not only does the Google Reader app make it a cinch to add your favorite blogs or websites, it also syncs together with the internet edition you might already have fullyloaded with your preferences. A key function is that this mobile application supports off line studying; down load everything via Wifi and you`ll never be caught underground on the tunnel again with no comfort of Lawyerist in your palm (only one week left to enter that Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300 give away!). With features like the ability to track keywords and searches across various news and lookup sites along with the choice to "share` any such thing across your various social networks, Google Reader is one of the most extensive feed applications on the market.

Questions to ask a divorce lawyer

Ten Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer in the Original Interview Maybe you are shopping around to find a divorce attorney to represent you, if you are contemplating a divorce. In the preliminary consultation, you will find many questions that are important which you ought to ask.

Are there any measures I will take to keep my costs down?

With respect to the state of your relationship with your spouse, there may well be points both of you of you can do to keep your authorized expenses down as much as possible. A good divorce attorney will probably be forthcoming with this specific information.

Do I have valid grounds for a divorce?

Divorce is a lawful process that`s taken very critically. You will find qualifying criteria that need to be satisfied before a divorce can go ahead.

Will I be charged for the time spent on the phone about my situation to you?

Before stepping into in to any relationship using a supplier, it`s good to be obvious on specifically what you'll and won`t be billed for. Like, if you invest an hour on the phone every week to your divorce solicitor, you should expect to be charged because of their time and expertise.

Just how much is your retainer, and how does it perform?

Find out how much the retainer is, and what it's going to cover. In the event that you change or get back together lawyers, will the unused part of your retainer be refunded to you? Will there be when the preliminary retainer is depleted additional retainers be required?

How long will my divorce take to really go through?

Once your lawyer knows the fundamental details of your case, they should be in a position to give you a tough concept of timescale from begin to finish based on their encounter.

Will my divorce divorce process have to undergo the courts?

The thought of being forced to go to court in addition to everything else you`re going going right through may seem like just also much. If problems can be resolved amicably involving the parties, there`s usually no need for you yourself to go to courtroom even though there might nonetheless be court proceedings.

Do I 've to get divorced in the same country we got married in?

Depending on your circumstances you may be qualified to file for divorce in a country aside from the one you got married in. It`s essential to observe that that divorce law is significantly diffent between countries so your choice could impact your settlement.

Would you prefer to negotiate and settle, and what is the attitude toward mediation?

An attorney who is looking for ways to solve issues, not to escalate disagreements will best serves you. An attorney who is willing to try all avenues to resolve your situation can help make your divorce less costly, both emotionally and financially.

How long are you currently practicing, and what proportion of your practice is devoted to family law?

It is important to have an attorney who is experienced in family law. In this period of specialization, it's impossible to do everything properly.
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Will I have one point of con-Tact for my case through the entire method?

When you`re heading by way of a divorce and spending money on legal help, you don`t want the headache of needing to review old ground and explain things to different people a-T diverse stages. Having one-point of con-Tact can make points so much more easy.

The most famous lawyer in the world

While the names of the individuals included in this listing are not the wealthiest in the planet, they're the richest in their selected industry - regulation. Here is a listing of the top ten richest attorneys in the world.
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Wichai Thongthan - $1.1 Billion

Wichai Thongthan undoubtedly deserves the number 1 place on this particular list of the richest attorneys in the world for having a net worth of $1.1 billion. It is a significant leap from your $100 million internet worth of Willie E. Gary. He is best recognized for being a business man, but he practiced law before he really entered this market. He re-presented extremely powerful customers, like Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai Prime-Minister. Wichai Thongthan is one of the board members of companies for example Bangkok Dusit Medi Cal.

Why do people want to become lawyers

A career as a lawyer is an exceptional calling. However, getting a lawyer is an enormous undertaking with regard to time commitment and financial expense. Therefore, it is important to learn as much about the profession as feasible before you embark on a career route as an attorney. These top 10 reasons to become a lawyer clarify a number of the advantages of working as an attorney. Keep in your mind that a career as an attorney has had its downsides. To get a glimpse into the disadvantages of law practice, review this list of the 10 Worst Things about a Career As a Lawyer.
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Work Environment

The majority of lawyers work in government, law organizations, and corporations. In an office with four partitions, lawyers usually function in an age where cubicles have become the mainstay of the modern workplace. Lawyers in greater organizations enjoy a number of office perks at sports, ranging from gym memberships to box seats, sufficient help employees plus plush workplaces. More

Job fulfilment and variety

Having expert life and students, learning legislation is as fascinating as it might get. There wouldn't be a single minute when you'll feel bored or monotonous of the perform or the topic that you will be doing. You will find challenges to deal with and branstorming to do, at every stage. Fulfilment of perform and fulfillment of the sam-e is a thing that makes regulation as a career starkly diverse and better than other career options. Additionally, variety of function expertise and area to function on is still another important incentive that plays an essential part. Each day is filled with some thing new and interesting.

Opportunity to Assist Others

Lawyers are in a unique position to help businesses, groups, and people using their authorized problems and more the public good. Public curiosity attorneys champion causes that are legal for the greater great of culture and assist these in need of legal support who mightn't otherwise be in a position to manage a lawyer. Lawyers in personal practice frequently perform pro bono function to help low income individuals and underserved portions of the population victims of kids and domestic abuse, such as the elderly. More


Last but perhaps not the least, lawyers` attires as well as their presentability speaks loudly about their character and also the glamorously e-lite professional world that they are a component of. Each of them, Italian suits, white collars, black robes have the significance and the attractiveness that are eye catching and head-turning.

Command over speech.

When you start learning regulation, you start regularly participating in actions where you require to communicate your opinions and thoughts out aloud, combined with the result of your researches. Regular tradition of debating, mooting group discussions, conferences in the legislation universities, brushes and shapes your lawful jargon, allows the laymen to be fascinated by you with your skills and builds an abundant vocabulary. Convey your ideas efficiently and it becomes more easy to convince the other celebration when you are confident in your talking. And a good speaker portrays a brilliant image of himself in the mind of others.

Ability to own your own firm

You're awarded an authorized license that bestows you using the chance to set up your own lawyer when you've got successfully graduated using a diploma in law. With a lawfirm, you can be able be in a position to build a personal status that is excellent and also to improve your earnings with a fantastic margin. By having an individual law firm, you get an opportunity to be your own boss and it is possible to therefore be able to to operate your firm according to your own wishes. As long as there's a culture, as a lawyer you should always be sure that you have a work lying in wait. This is because of the reason that the society and its own members are obligated to make crimes and mistakes that'll land them in authorized battles. That is where your services come in to play and you get an employment possibility.

Global Influence

As lawmakers, thought leaders and change brokers, lawyers are in a position that is unique to aff ect change. At the center of society, lawyers have stood for centuries; they rule the courts, write the laws and hold positions in authorities. In these roles, lawyers are able to effect leaders and leading coverage makers and aff-ect change round the globe. More

Diverse Practice Areas

As the legal career evolves, specialization and increased market segmentation have led to a broad array of sub-specialties. Lawyers can specialize in one or several niche areas ranging from bread -and-butter methods including employment legislation and civil litigation to niche specialties like green law or foreclosure law. More

Earning Potential

Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the legal market and most attorneys make salaries well over the national average. While the median annual wage for all lawyers is $110,590, the world`s leading lawyers pull in million-dollar incomes. Keep in mind, however, that not all attorneys make big dollars and salaries rely on area, expertise level, and employer size. Lawyers used in large law firms, major metropolitan areas and in demand specialties usually earn the highest incomes. More


Lawyers have the ability to generate their own hours, set their own costs and pick their own clients and practice areas and are autonomous. The career h-AS an inherent versatility that allows lawyers to attend to individual matters or invest a day away from the off-ice if needed.